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2016-2017 Jinggong Mould Management Training Program

The mid-level and grass-roots administrative employees are mainly responsible for the operation of the company; they are the direct organizer, executor and leader. The survival and prosperity of Jinggong depends on the steering ability and management level of front-line monitors, group leaders and managers. In order to enhance the executive force and cohesion of management group, we invited Youlisi Enterprise Management Co., LTD (hereinafter referred to as Youlisi) to provide a training course called “MTP-The improvement of management ability for administrative employees”. The MTP expert mainly taught the management cognition, role definition, communication, planning and incentive methods for managers. The course also combined plenty of company cases to help our management group have a deep and comprehensive understanding of the concepts in the course. In addition, the expert also provided many practical suggestions for the real problems that existed in the daily operation of Jinggong. Due to the training course, Jinggong enhanced the ability of management group and accelerated the pace of modern enterprise management, which helps Jinggong to achieve the final enterprise goal.





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